Rich in nutrients and low in calories, tomatoes represent the basis of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. They are nutritious and rich in vitamin C and folate. Tomatoes are commonly used in salads, in sauces and cooked dishes.

Vine Tomato
The fruit is round, smooth and bright red color. High shelf life after harvest (over 15 days) is one of its strengths. Ideal for long-cooking dishes, gives its best after at least 15 minutes of cooking. It is also commonly used for the classic sauces kept in the bottles.

Cherry Tomato
The cherry tomato is grown in many Italian regions. However, it reaches its best, in the area of south-eastern Sicily, thanks to its most suitable climate and environment. The cherry tomato is a variety highly appreciated for its sweetness and smallness of its tomatoes. The fruits are round, bright red color, ideal for salads and appetizers.

Piccadilly Tomatoes
It has a bright red color and is harvested either in bunch or single fruit. Despite its apparent soft and juicy texture, it is easy to preserve and has a long shelf life. The bunch can be stored hung in a ventilated place for several weeks, preserving its flavor and aroma.

Plum Tomatoes
They are elongated small fruits weighting 20 to 40g. with a thick skin and firm flesh. Low in calories and with a very intense aromatic taste, the cherry tomatoes are rich in minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C. They have a repairing and regenerating action on all body cells. Compared to other varieties of tomato, they have a higher sugar content. They are eaten raw or cooked, alone or with other vegetables and herbs. They are superb when prepared for the bruschetta, salads, appetizers and main dishes.