pescaThe peach tree comes from China where it is considered as the symbol of immortality. From the Far East, following caravans, the peach tree reached Persia where the cultivar gets its name from. The first European country that cultivated this tree was Greece, from 332 B.C.; in Italy according to Virgilio this fruit dates back to 50 B.C. The ancient Romans used to call peaches Persian apples. In 1571 Spanish settlers introduced the peach to Mexico.

The different qualities of peach can be distinguished by its peel.
  • Velvety peeled, the true peaches;
  • Smooth peeled, the so-called nectarines;

Peach is one of the summer fruits par excellence, thanks to its flavour, its juiciness and above all to its thirst-quenching property linked to the high percentage of water content (85%) and to the presence of citric acid.