Sanguinello"Sanguinello", a Sicilian cultivar of unknown origins which has long been present in the area around the province of Syracuse and Catania. It is one of the most important variety, together with "Sanguinello moscato" in terms of citrus economy, since it represents the most important Italian middle season cultivar.
Sanguinello, after "Moro" and "Tarocco" continues and closes the pigmented oranges campaign. Sanguinello has a changeable shape ranging from spheroidal to ovoidal, it is a medium size fruit, weighing150-200 grams. Medium flesh with an orange colour with lots of blood red flecks in it. It is juicy with a high or medium sugar content; it is seedless. Its leaf has an elliptic shape with mucronate top.

Sanguinello originates from a selection that was carried out at the Istituto Sperimentale per l'Agrumicoltura in Acireale (Catania).
This fruit is available from March to April.