Citrus fruits Within the wide range of citrus fruits marketed by Gianfilippo Zuccarello srl it is possible to mention THE RED FLESHED ORANGE, which already received the IGP acknowledgement by the European Union, in the following varieties: TAROCCO, MORO and SANGUINELLO.

A precise and careful selection is basic within the citrus fruit production process which is aimed at increasing and maintaining the product very good characteristics in terms of flavour and fragrance.

TAROCCO, MORO and SANGUINELLO are extremely rich in organoleptic qualities and in nutritional and therapeutic substances; they are strongly recommended for a healthy and balanced diet.

Gianfilippo Zuccarello srl is equipped with an internal laboratory which allows the company to measure the sugary degree or Brix and to determine citrus fruits ripening index, so as to ensure our customers a constant sweetness throughout time.