olioAmong all the Mediterranean civilizations olive trees have always been seen as a sacred plant, symbolizing abundance, glory and peace, and the oil extracted from its fruit was not only used for food preparation, but also for rituals, cosmetics, medicine and religious purposes.

In fact, in all ancient times olive oil was used as a medicine, which was believed to have magical elements, so much that it was considered to be an endless source of wealth, health and power.

teamThe culture of olives began about 5000 years ago in the Sire-Iranian area. As narrated in manuscripts and historical documents, it was in the first millennium B.C. that the Phoenix introduced and developed the cultivation of oil. Above all, it is thanks firstly to the Greeks and then to the Normans, that oil cultivation reached one of its prestigious peaks.

Today more than ever, Sicilian olive oil is considered to be of the highest quality in the world, thanks to its strong links with its traditions which can be traced back to its origins, for its distinctive bond to the area and the Eastern Sicilian climate. Moreover, Eastern Sicily is proud to boast the most famous experts and specialized men in the olive oil sector, who control and select the oil with great skill, allowing a unique product to be distributed in the world.