Olio extra vergine Gimei

Gianfilippo Zuccarello srl, a leading company in selecting and processing its own Sicilian products, aims to be number one in the world in the cultivations of olives and the refined delicacy of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

GimeiExtra Virgin Olive Oil is of the highest quality, obtained by the careful selection of olives in the eastern parts of Sicily. This oil is obtained from olives hand picked at the correct ripeness, and by cold extraction utilising mechanical procedures which do not change the product in any way. A team of qualified professionals monitor the choice, the grading and the processing of the product, guaranteeing the only vegetable oil certified as a “Natural Product”.

The stages to obtain the Extra Virgin Olive Oil are:

  • Harvesting:

The olives are hand picked either with or without the use of a small comb, giving special attention on the ripeness of the olives, to guarantee a low level of acidity and a prestigious and pleasant aroma. Within 24 hours the olives are taken to the olive mill.


  •  Weeding and washing:
This is the first stage of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil production, “cleaning” and “washing”. The olives are first separated from leaves, soil and twigs, that can alter the flavour of the oil, then washed.


  •  Crushing:

In this stage the olives are crushed into a paste; in this phase there is the first extraction, even if it is only partial, of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Malaxation (mixing)

: The paste and the first oil extracted go through this stage allowing any oil which is still trapped in the paste to be released.


  • Extraction:
From the Malaxation (mixing) machine, the paste which has been diluted with water goes through the centrifugal machine that is simply known as “The Decanter”. Due to different specific weights, the centrifugal machine disposes the olive pomace (olive residues), and finally, the separator, directs the water introduced in the decanter, the vegetable water (contained originally in the olives) in one direction and the olive oil in another.



IMPORTANT:. this olive oil is known as “ EXTRACTED COLD” if the temperature does not exceed 27°C during the crushing and extraction stages.

Automated bottling lines are used for filling, sealing and labelling the bottles. These modern machines protect the quality of the olive oil for a long period of time.