The core business of the Gianfilippo Zuccarello srl consists of the production and wholesale of citrus fruits as well as the marketing of a range of high quality Sicilian products.
The company is represented by MISTERO, MISTER MIAO, RIKI and GIMEI, trademarks which are present in the national and international markets.

In terms of quality control, the company offers reliability, professionalism and devotion, ensuring better quality for all its products. Its administrative and production office is located at Palagonia, in the province of Catania. The presence of Etna (the biggest active European Volcano), makes this area extraordinarily rich and famous worldwide thanks to red fleshed citrus fruits production.

The company, which operates in large premises, makes use of highly innovative equipments and quality traceability standards. The company is also able to offer a team of experts who are able to meet all different customers'needs (ranging from large organized distribution to elite customers) making use of the best packaging systems.